Hello, I am the leader of an underground artist collective responsible for numerous acts of audio/visual assault all over the city.  Chapters have sprung up in many major city’s already, this is a tightly regimented organization, with many cells capable of operating completely independent of central leadership.

Look! go to that web address Locashmagazine.com, it’s our headquarters. You’re gonna find some files that have been used very recently to overrun the internet with revolutionary journalism. The first rule of The Locash Collective is tell fucking everybody! Natural selection will separate the clones caught in the hypegiest from those of us indefinitely positioned against conformity.

The underground has long been where the purest form of expressions are manifested, and where the truth is most prevalent. Our sanctuaries are basement studios, our pulpits are dirty stages, our canvases are rooftops and freight trains.  We bring truth to the light and order to the chaos,  we will forever splash color on the mundane and promise to smash boredom with stimulation.  We have come to remind society that “it’s a celebration bitches!”

I am not a critic or a blogger. Locash is a movement with many factions, using myself as the common denominator I’m gonna put it all down in these pages. Lame agendas and paper soldiers will not be tolerated and we will not let corporate minded douchbaggery put us in a box. This is our voice and we will not go quietly.  In the simplest terms I’m building a pirate ship…whose comin with me? ~ Hensley



  1. What up Chris. This is double a aka Aaron u know me son. Checking out ur magazine pretty dope I’m feeling it keep up the good work


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