Introducing the buy us a burrito deal.

1. Be quality (we assume you’re already doing this)

2. Buy us a burrito.

We’re happy to grill up $5- $100,000,000 + write ups/interviews all day because, we’re cheap, money is stupid and we like Mexican food.  However, the more layers in that burrito the more elaborate and quickly produced your article will be.  To maintain standards we reserve the right to refund money and respectively pass on projects. Debit and credit cards are accepted through Paypal. Just click send someone money in Transfer tab. We are at locash314@gmail.com Our shit is caliente’ Who’s got five on it?!!


Drop us some links or info about your project at locash314@gmail.com, the Paypal comment box or our Facebook page and BOOM! you’re in.  We’re ready right now, it’s what we do. You can also strait up mail us cash (This is definitely something you should do immediately)  to Locash Magazine 2121 W. Main #3123 Mesa, AZ 85201

5 dollor bill art

Art ~ I got $5 on it by Tim Shumate



rap with us

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