**Graphic Design/Adspace**

Anthem by M.A. Double

The main stream media is a lie factory and we urge you to kill  your television sets.  We are here to expand the parameters of art.  To keep our fingers on the pulse of the underground, we welcome submissions and want to know what’s going down in your city or town.  Feel free to drop music, pics or whatever on our facebook page.

GRAPHIC DESIGN: We love creating new custom graphics, flyers, album covers, T-shirt designs, whatever you need.  Our motto is dirty deeds done dirt cheap, hit us up we’ll talk.

 AD SPACE:  All ads print or digital are $10.  We do nice click-through Links from our site to yours, complete with whatever graphics and text you like (like our ads on the right for our print issues).  Your ad will appear every time our posts are viewed or shared, we get hits everyday and were just getting started.  Also available is full-page color ads in the upcoming Issue 4 which will be our first fully downloadable digital edition with page flip technology and full linking capabilities that will go directly from our mag to your site. You can send us your own PDF or we can custom make you something DOPE for $10.  With that you will also get your ad as a slick jpeg photo for online sharing.   Issue 4 will harness the power of the internet and be available on a global scale. 

PAYMENTS: Ad space payments are easy.  You can use your debit or credit card on our  < PAYPAL ACCOUNT >  We are at locash314@gmail.com  Hit us up on thesame e-mail with what you’re looking for and BOOM! you’re in Locash Magazine or Locash Online.  Our phone# is 480~332~1948 if you have any ?’s Holla at us, let’s keep it movin VIVA LA UNDERGROUND!   Check out our custom print/online ads below.

Sincerely, Sikboy ~ working class De Niro





~E-mail: Locash314@gmail.com   ***   Phone: 480-332-1948~


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