From the unassuming forests of Southwestern Indiana comes a sonic blast of progressive hip hop in the form of “So Our Ego’s Don’t Kill Us” by Cas One Vs. Figure. Cas One, a veteran in the game has a decade-plus on the mic and an undeniable fire in his soul. I don’t think he could stop rapping if he tried and he just keeps getting better, on this record he’s a force to be reckoned with.

Signed by Strange Famous Records last year and backed by his long time partner “Figure” on all production this time around “So Our Ego’s Don’t Kill Us” is a suspicious backpack full of nails with a solid dynamite core; which Cas proudly sports while laughing maniacally (and crying) with a lit road flare in his hand. That’s the vibe. Politically charged, Intelligent, whimsical at times, and a serious introspect into the world we’ve built ourselves- it’s incredibly entertaining while keeping the synopsis in your brain poppin. After you’re your done dancing, you’re like damn, let me rewind that because it’s packed with substance.

Figure– this motherfucker right here is bass MONSTER. Producer, Dj, and horror enthusiast, Figure is best known for rocking massive electronic music festivals all over the country. However, this ain’t no EDM bullshit, this is music you find god to (or satan). Together, as Cas One Vs. Figure they keep the dose right below lethal. Cas answered a few exclusive questions for us about the project.



How did “So Our Egos Don’t Kill Us” come together?

The storm has been brewing for a long long time. I think just enough disaster had happened in our lives to finally make it a kicking screaming baby that grew into a man overnight.


How did you hook up with Sage Francis and Strange Famous Records?

I had always been fond of Sage and we starting communicating through emails back when I had just finished my ” Monster and The Wishing Well” album. There was talk of it coming out on SFR but timing wise it just wasn’t going to work. I started showing him the stuff for “so our egos don’t kill us” really early on and he was immediately on board.


You always have cool merch that other people don’t think of. Can you tell us about some of the finer points of that?

I appreciate that! I always say that merchandising is my favorite part of the music biz. Sage yelled at me ” YEAH, WELL IT SHOULD BE RAP” . I love rapping but I love thinking of interesting ways to package rap so that physical media doesn’t die. Visual artists are my rockstars, I love finding up and coming artists and utilizing their skills and helping to push their work with my own. I have so many ideas for packaging and products that I’ve literally made plans to produce albums based totally around the packaging design. More on that in the future. I have a bad tendency to get excited about something and talk too much about it before it’s done. However, I got some SHIT people are gonna pop their eyes out over.


Your art can have some serious overtones. In person however, you have been known to be somewhat of a prankster. Who are some of your comedic influences?

Andy Kaufman is the GOAT. I think if I’m most like any comedian it would be Bill Burr. I love Jim Norton, Mitch Hedburg, Louis CK, Eddie Murphy, Tom Segura, Richard Prior, Bobcat Goldthwait and Nick Swardson. All for totally different reasons. I don’t know if I built my personality from them or if there was the connection totally by chance but I most certainly see pieces of my personality in them. Thinking of doing a stand up routine makes me want to actually puke. It seems like it would be the scariest thing in the world. So I write jokes for a stand up routine I will never do.



This album definitely has some rock n roll influence. Who are some of your favorite rock bands?

Cold War Kids and Ryan’s Adams are who I listened to a lot of while making that record. I listen to more rock than rap. I’m not trying to give a cool kid answer to this, that’s just the truth. I love rap more than rock…I just listen to more rock because there is more rock that I love more than rap that I love.


If you and Figure had to see who could drink more alcohol for a million dollars, who wins?

Without a shadow of a doubt, Figure. I can drink 100 beers, he can drink 100 gallons of whiskey.


“So Our Ego’s Don’t Kill Us” features guest appearances from P.O.S., Del The Funky Homosapien, Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Carnage the Executioner, Bitter Stephens, and Sean Little. It is available now on all formats at Check out the first video “STAYING GOLD”, directed by Eric Hunter.


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