Just a few moons ago, Oakland California’s Alleyes Manifest pulled some star dust from space and composed it into music in his bedroom,  he then blessed it with some revolutionary poetry and sent the signal across the nation to Queens New York where his East Coast operative Wraith Knowledge embedded it with some gritty enlightenment of his own. From start to finish, this all happened in the same Celestial Cycle.

The result is called “No Gold Chains”, a shining anti-shine anthem with deep hip-hop percussion, fire samples, and layered with some Bobby Digital-esque sounds and vibes as the two emcee’s wax poetic about their cities, their sounds, and their revolutions.



Undoubtedly, the kinetic energy that forged this new single radiated from Alleyes recent self-produced 6 track EP entitled “Fall Colors,” which is available on cassette and digitally from 1980 Records. The lead off track of ‘Fall Colors” is a groovy, powerful, down-tempo, call to action called “Power to The People.” Track 2, “Coastin” has a particularly smooth West Coast feel and follows Alleyes and his partner Nova on a joyride through the bay area on a sunny day. The project is rounded out with searing instrumentals, Jazzy songs, and strong verses. Check it out below.



Keep up with Alleyes here

1980 Records | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Facebook | Twitter


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