I told ya’ll it was so cool/ this is how you play by your own rules/ I’m in monster mode/I got the Contra code/ so now ya’ll know that I don’t lose- Scrub


The Mozart of the Ozarks- Scrub, is at is again with L.A. beat maestro and remix killa Ace Ha. These two, unique in their own rights, blend a Midwest funk with some of that California bang bang and the result is something like organic chocolate covered cyanide; made from real ingredients, sweet as fuck, deadly.

Their latest brainchild is the five-part video series called ‘Plastic Rock’. In this series ACE takes classic rock grooves likely found in your Dad’s record collection and does work son, even if it’s jazz or the quiet storm, he can hook a beat up and convert it into hip-hop form. It’s like that with this dude.

On the Mic, Scrub has the swagger of a new school Mike D., clever, provocative, and with a touch of that kind of sarcastic humor that we all try to have when we’re shining in dark times.  In the first 3 installments, our heroes flip 70’s hits by Chicago, Joe Cocker, and Golden Earring into their own realities and paint a gritty picture of life, artistry, and all funky things in between.

The latest ‘Plastic Rock’ instalment ‘Volume IV’ is Inspired by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. Scrub and Ace get to “Takin Care Of Business” as usual. Check it out below.



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