Kansas City fire starters CES CRU have just released some stunning visuals from their latest album Catastrophic Event Specialists. Godemis comes out swingin (literally) on societal norms in his solo video for ‘Slave’, where the Emcee visits several local businesses “Falling Down” style. His first encounter is with his Ces Cru partner Ubiquitous who co-directed the visuals alongside Jason Cantu. Godemis takes vicious bites out of the status quo throughout over a sick beat by OhGoshLeotus. It’s dope as fuck.



This leads us directly into Ubiquitous’ solo joint for ‘Average Joe’ where we see his take on the same day and how their paths intersect. Ubi gets lyrical, as always, over production  by The Xtraordinair$ and takes us on his voyage through the human spirit in modern-day Murica. The videos are nice, shot like mini movies, they give both emcees their own light to shine; while keeping that battle tested Ces Cru flair. And as Ubi reminds us in at end of ‘Average Joe’-

“If you’re listenin I said a few thangs”


Catastrophic Event Specialists’ available now!

Buy – http://flyt.it/CES_SPEC

Listen on Spotify – http://spoti.fi/2l4rC7m
Listen on Soundcloud – http://bit.ly/2kn7gci
Listen on Audiomack – http://bit.ly/2lgq38v


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