Savannah Georgia’s Kendrick Mack, a.k.a. Dope Knife, wastes no time being himself on his, self-produced, full-length, debut album to Sage Francis’s Pioneering SFdigi Label Imprint. Just released and entitled “NineTeenEightyFour,” the album holds true to the Orwellian reference and is laced with Knife’s unique take on the American experience, he recently told us –

“I think America is awesome if you’re fortunate enough to be rich, or in a position to be rich. I think it’s in decline for those who aren’t, and will get a lot worse before it gets better. I get cynical a lot, so I’ll just say that people should think about life a bit more outside of their various bubbles. I think that perspective would do wonders for America right now.”

Modern sex, his love for the art, and the kind of social commentary that we all want to talk about but rarely do, are also common themes in the strange world of one of the South’s most interesting new writers.  He has a knack for tapping into the human ID or psychological set of uncoordinated instinctual trends that we all think about; but where most of us would suppress these instincts, Knife embraces them…


1984 is also the year of Mack’s birth. Four solid albums deep since he start letting us in his head in 07′ “NineTeenEightyFour” seems to be the culmination of all of them. Protest driven, perverted, instrumental, lyrical, methodical, and fun as fuck, sums it up nicely. Label Boss Sage Francis is featured on track 08 “Cult Personality” and kills it, Obeah (Public Enemy/Wake), 5 A.M., and Day Tripper join Knife on a particularly dark self programmed track called “Your Tombstone,” and 11. #SQUADGOHARD  feat. LC, Esh, B. Rude, Zak G, JabrJaw, and AllOne is a joy ride of a posse cut in the footsteps of the classic versions of the concept. And Ceschi keeps it enchantingly melodic on track 03 “Fear And Loathing.”

The rest of the album is 1000% Dope Knife. To me he is reminiscent of a next gen Gravedigga, with an Ultra Magnetic Emcee twinge, and an undeniable presence. See the fresh first video off of the album “Name Up” for reference.

Keep up with Knife Here | Twitter [@dopeknife]
Soundcloud | Twitter [@dopesandwich]

Management: Dani Winns –

“NineteenEightyFour” was released January 27, 2017 at all digital retailers from SFdigi, and on exclusive limited edition CD & 7-Inch Records at here.


01 Nothing To Lose
02 Inner Party
03 Fear And Loathing feat. Ceschi
04 Thought Crimes
05 They Live
06 Tombstone feat. 5AM, Obeah, Day Tripper
07 Unperson
08 Cult Personality feat. Sage Francis
09 Name Up
10 Memory Hole
11 #SQUADGOHARD feat. LC, Esh, B. Rude, Zak G, JabrJaw, AllOne
12 Room 101



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