On the heels of his recent anthem G.R.I.T.S. (Girls Raised In The South) Ft. Charlie Boy, Saint Louis’s Greze Gutta just dropped everyone a present. Greze’s new track “Lord I Know” was written in one day and was not planned, it just happened, as good art does. Greze recently told us about his new-found inspiration.

“Lord I know basically came from my heart and my pain. Life has been tough these past two years. Been through a lot, not to mention all the fear and anger our city and nation is dealing with. So I wrote this song on my birthday. I just wanted to uplift everyone.”

We encouraged you that if you dig this song, not to just hold onto it, to share it – it was made for everyone who is dealing with life’s challenges. Greze has been working to light a path through a dark time, while having some fun along the way and to spread some sound advise with a nice sound.

Also in the works, Greze has an upcoming EP entitled “Hunger Pains” also featuring Charlie Boy and some hometown surprises that he wants to keep under wraps. For now peep game on his latest.

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