Happy Thoughts‘ is the film noir brainchild of rapper/producer Dope KNife and MC/Illustrator Miggs Son Daddy. After several years touring together, the two wanted to take a different approach to their anticipated collaboration. Leaving behind the “bars over everything” vibe that might have been expected, they decided to use their lyrical prowess to convert an original script they wrote into a dark and trippy hip-hop opera, resulting in an album that serves as a soundtrack to a film not yet made.

Miggs knife couch knife

‘Tic Toc’ is the first single off the Happy Thoughts project which drops April 20, 2016 on Dope Sandwich Records & Tapes and features Ceschi Ramos, Mikal kHill, DT and Allone with production by Freak Tha Monsta, Black Ceaser, Carmello and Keith Williams.

Available on http://www.DopeSandwich.com
PRE-ORDER ‘Happy Thoughts’ DIGITAL here


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