San Diego-based, Gardena, California-bred rapper Kahlee presents “Champion”, his collaboration with Los Angeles producer Soulplusmind (Method Man, Gyptian) which appears on Kahlee’s new EP Loogie. “Champion” comes on the heels of ReBlessed, Kahlee’s latest album on which production team Digital Martyrs remixes his previous release _Blessed_ (listen) which featured featured Sabac Red of Non-Phixion, Uptown Swuite, CookBook (LA Symphony), Awdbawl and I.Sheik (Revolution of the Mind).

Kahlee is also curator for hiphop blog, where he co-hosts the podcast/mixshow Proof Of Life Radio. “The minute I heard this beat I felt like Drinking a bottle of Gatorade and hitting the gym,” Kahlee says about the song. “The hook felt like the music on a NFL highlight reel or the soundtrack to the NBA finals.”  We got to talk to him about his new single and more.

How did you connect with Soulplusmind?

He produced a song called “CA All Day” on my homeboy, Blame One’s album “Endurance” that I was featured on back in 2010. A few months later I contacted him to work on something and he was with it. I had just found out my wife was pregnant with our first child and I felt a sense of inspiration I never felt before. The first song we did was “Here I Am.” That turned into the album “Blessed” which was fully produced by Soulplusmind.

What would be your dream team collaboration and why?

This is an essay waiting to happen… LoL… I’ll just say Me, Nas, Eminem and Black Thought over a Premier beat. They’re all amazing spitters with different styles and Premier would prob come up with some crazy beat to bring it all together. and I would definitely write my verse last. Ha!

You perform relentlessly. What advice do you have for rappers about to hit the road?

Rock every show like it’s the most important performance ever whether it’s packed or empty. Be on time and set a positive example of what people can expect when working with you. Build solid relationships with everyone from the promoter, venue staff and of course fans. Chances are you want to return to that city, and it’s always great to have a solid foundation of friends, fans and family where ever you go. And HAVE MERCH!!

You’ve snagged a lot of music placements. What advice do you have for any artists looking to do the same?

There are a lot of placement websites you can submit to for starters, and meeting people at shows and other functions is always the best way.

From a songwriting standpoint, I tend to visualize scenes and vibes when I write for a licensing track. I get specific and try to make what I consider to be theme music.

What do you think hiphop will sound like in ten years?

If we’re lucky we’ll still be able to understand some of the lyrics. LoL. I think there will continue to be “ignorant rap” vs. “conscious hip-hop” with a bunch of mixed styles in between. I think some styles with mature while some stay exactly the same. New sounds and formats will be introduced while late bloomers will finally be releasing their first trap album. All in all I see progress and more creativity mixed with non traditional rap styles.. And I can’t wait, because my sun will be 14 and prob murdering mics!

Twitter [@kahlee310] | Twitter [@dcsoulplusmind] | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube


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