Wane Enterprises CEO and New York artist Bruse Wane presents “YUU” the newest video from Earl Manigault Of Rap, Bruse’s new album out now on Wane Enterprises. Bruse previously collaborated with Sean Price (watch the music video for “Beast Inside”) and Keith Murray (listen to “Return Of The Spitters (RMX)” featuring Keith Murray and Fam-Illy).

A native of the Bronxdale Houses Projects in the Soundview section of the Bronx, Bruse founded Wane Enterprises in 2001, hosting events featuring Styles P, Papoose, N.O.R.E, Buckshot and Remy Ma. Bruse says the new album is “for the Hip-Hop lover – those that know what a Hip Hop album is supposed to sound like. Fresh, dope and innovative. I locked in and just touched all bases. Salute to everyone involved in the project, and to the Hip Hop fan all I can say is Enjoy!”

What’s one thing you think people misunderstand the most about Bruse Wane?

The one thing would be that I’m not new to the industry. I have operated in the game in many different facets. Artist, manager, promoter, booking agent, and have seen substantial success in all these areas. Oh and my name is really Bruce.

Venom” has received a lot of attention for the Sean Price and Chris Rivers guest shots. But which song on Earl Manigault Of Rap is your personal favorite and why?

Of course I can’t really narrow it down to one. But if I must I would say Ol Head. This was a song that I felt was a little different for me. It’s not really driven by a hardcore beat, or extra rugged subject matter. I felt I painted a great picture on this track, and it will fill a lot of people with nostalgia. My second favorite cut would have to be The Gifted. I think it’s a pretty innovative track based on how we utilize the whole airport effect. That song is also me saying from this point on you’re getting grown man rap. It was a perfect album finisher, and a track that I believe will have the listeners wanting more. Dope beat, lyrics, hook and tempo.

bruse wane earlcover

What’s your biggest goal for your career?

To rule the music world.. nah I’m just bullshitting, but all jokes aside I want success. Which to me is being able to make a comfortable or great living at this. Continuing to grow a loyal fan base and be regarded as someone who left his imprint on Hip-Hop music with dope material. Yeah when it’s all said and done I want to be considered one of the greats.

What’s the most important thing you learned about the hiphop industry since embarking on this new release?

What I have always known and what rings true to this day – money talks and bullshit walks. Rule one, you got to believe in your vision. People might not get what you’re doing, but that’s cool as long as you’re focused. It’s highly competitive, it’s dog eat dog and if you ain’t built for it you won’t last long.

How do you know when a song is done?

It just a feeling I get, a natural instinct. I can tell whether 2 or 3 verses suite a song. When a hook is or is not needed. I just let the beat guide me like the Force…lol. I really don’t get opinions on works in progress either. I hit the booth pump it out and if it feels good and lives up to the standard I have set for myself it’s a go. My standard is simple – everything from TheBatMan must be DOPE.

Earl Manigault Of Rap on iTunes
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