You know when you rediscover a gem and you’re like “this is still the shit!” This recently happened to me with Dj Swamp’s highly acclaimed Scratch & Destroy mixtape. First off it’s an ACTUAL mixtape (don’t get me started on mixtapes) expertly blended from the rock and hip hop sides of the spectrum with a few things in between. It’s also laced with original production and Swamp’s legendary scratch master tactics.

Recorded in Venice Beach in 2011 while Swamp was in a “strange” state of mind, due to record label litigation that prevented him from releasing original music, he decided to make the mixtape that everyone had been asking him to make for years – it came out with a little extra “fuck off” in the mix.

This project sounds like pirate rock radio and pirate hip-hop radio dropped some acid, and had an orgy with a drum machine and twin 1200’s. It’s audio pornography – in the name of decadence. This is some quintessential Turntablist shit. Enjoy.


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