Atlanta rapper Skinny-C presents his new single “Couldn’t Feel Better”. Produced by Young Buck collaborator BeatGodz, “Couldn’t Feel Better” is the lead single from Never Hungry Always Thirsty Vol. 2: Back For Seconds, his new album featuring Monsta Luther King, Loc Barz, F1Phat, Skolar B, Shod Cooley, and Holly Crew as well as production from Nobody Famous, SMKA, and On A Heist.

Volume 1 featured Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Alan Z, Ms Green, and Slim Dub, landed on, The Source, On the Rise Magazine, Hip Hop Since 1987, Mad Fresh Daily and Holiday Season Live, and spawned a music video for the single “Buried Treasure”. As a result of a series of grassroots performance and fan engagement campaigns through the Southeast, Skinny-C caught the attention of Kevin Nottingham & Hipnott Records with the EP 110 and has sold more than 10,000 combined digital and hard copies of his 2010 release Mixtape Muzik Vol. 1: INTREPID and Mixtape Muzik Vol. 2: RHAPSODY.

Since then, Skinny-C has performed at the 11th annual June-teenth Festival and the 5th Annual Texas Summer Music Conference. Skinny calls the single “an anthem for the cool crew to put you in the mood of having a lovely day. Despite everything going on in the world, remember you have breath, and there is no better feeling than that!”

In what ways do you think NTAH2 differs from NTAH1?

Both projects collectively are a show & prove series. NTAH1 was more of “let me show you what I can do fast/slow, chill/hype, punchlines/concepts, etc.” NTAH2 is the “prove” project. Ok, I showed you what I’m capable of on NTAH1, now let me prove it you that it was not a fluke on NTAH2. I can (and do) put out quality material on a consistent basis. Some artists have the “curse” of making a dope project but set the bar so high for themselves, that fail to follow up with something just as good nonetheless better. NTAH1 catches your attention more quickly than NTAH2. It has more of a sound that makes you want to dance. NTAH2 is more hip hop. More bars & witty wordplay. If you don’t listen carefully you might miss something. Each time you listen to it, you’ll discover something new. NTAH1 you’ll replay each song. NTAH2, you’ll rewind every couple bars. Both are “no skip” tapes.

How has the response been to the second volume, good and otherwise, from people who were into the first installment?

For those who are already familiar with NTAH1, the response has been “I didn’t think you could top NTAH1, but yea, NTAH2 is better”. I think the reason for that is because they understand the “show & prove” concept that is presented. For those first timers hearing Skinny-C, the response has still been great, causing them to go back and check out. All in all, my fan base has boosted and my appearance is be requested more because of both projects collectively.

Atlanta’s scene has been popping for a couple years now. How do you think that situation will evolve in 2016?

Hopefully more artists who do it for the love and not the money comes back around. Yea, we holding down the club scene but other regions tend to label us a making club music only and not respecting our lyrical, concept, and creative ability. There are a ton of artists in the city who rhyme about real life everyday situations, but unfortunately the media doesn’t put the spotlight on them. I think the underground scene needs to take over the media, because we are the one’s bringing that real Atlanta feel back. I’m talking about Atlanta before everyone moved here. I’m talkin bout the 90s-early 2000s, when you heard an Atlanta artist song, you would feel like you were in Atlanta. It’s more than strip clubs and traps in the city.

What do you think surprises listeners the most about you?

My intellect. Because of my appearance and where I’m from, I’m often misunderstood. Yea, I may talk with strong southern slang, know the codes of the streets, but I am also educated and if you listen long enough you’ll hear it throughout my music. My intellect is most visible when meeting me in person. After an in person interview or meet & greet, I always hear “oh you’re not like the typical rapper, you actually got some sense”. (in my head 90% of rappers are smart) Even though its degrading to all of the 1 million other rappers, I take it as a compliment. Once they discover my smartness they tend to analyze and appreciate the music more because they now somewhat understand the thought process and know that I just didn’t put words together to make them rhyme – there is a meaning behind every verse. It’s a great feeling when someone appreciates your craft and admires your intellect.

What would it take for you to sign a record deal?

As long as the paperwork is right, we can do business. I need full creative control over all of my music, a hefty advance, and 100% ownership of all my masters & publishing. No 360 deals, where I’m a slave to the label for the next 10 years. The label needs to understand me and the reason behind me making music. It’s for the love of the art and not the money. Any label that tries to turn me into a minstrel show act just for a check, I’m not with it.

skinny c 2

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