Oeaux Neal, Mauley Sincyr, and the Landlord are New Orleans trio MadeGroceries, presenting the Writers Bloc-directed music video for “That Yeah”, their new TRXVISL-produced single featuring singer and fellow Nola native Ambre Perkins, who recently wrapped a tour with Atlantic Records artist Kehlani.

Mauley describes MadeGroceries as “the bread ‘n butter of this rap ish. Don’t be afraid to embrace our energy, for it can change your perception of life, no family can survive our modern times without making groceries.” Oeaux says the song “embodies our city’s culture, the youth’s attitude and language.” Landlord calls it “another example of how we are unique but still naturally connected to the community we’re raised in.” MadeGroceries’ debut album is coming soon on Small World International.

New Orleans hiphop seems to be undergoing a renaissance of sorts. Tell us about that.

New Orleans was always a renaissance city in a sense. We believe that the time & culture is shifting to where light will be shed in a lot of places it was once overlooked. Our people have big souls & finally other places across this world are beginning to realize how potent the NOLA and its natives are. Hip hop is greatly influenced by New Orleans and the state of Louisiana but we are hardly credited and recognized as such sometimes because of the sources, the politics, & folks being biased so we’re feeling blessed to be acknowledged now.

What do you think the old school rappers can learn from the new school and vice versa?

We must embrace that every generation has gems to drop on the one before and do so with proper guidance. But as times go on, the youth grows older and loses sight of being childlike, so they’re not as open to learn from the ones younger than them due to conditioning in this society. By being open-minded to any human being, growth is frequent. The new could learn the ‘realness’ from the old school as in originality, substance, making individuality coexist with unity. The old could learn from the new how to be more in tune with the youth, the shifts and changes in the culture… how to communicate with us properly to build our culture.

How did you guys connect with Ambre Perkins and put the song together?

Connecting with Ambre was completely organic. We both have a mutual friend whose a photographer that had done work for both of us & at the time we was all heading to Atlanta for A3C festival. He flew out there with Ambre’s camp & wanted to link with us at registration. After our interview, we immediately chopped it up and our energy just meshed naturally. We was chilling later that night talking about working & building with one another then we made it happen.

What’s your favorite non-rap album of all time and why?

(OeauxNeal) I chose Andre 3000’s The Love Below because all though he is a rapper, this album was too dynamic to be placed in one category. This shaped my outlook on music and taste for it at an age where I was just becoming a teenager. I couldn’t even tell friends and classmates I listened to this because they would have clowned me due to lack of understanding. I still listen and study it to this day.

(Landlord) I chose Pharrell’s Seeing Sounds because sonically it was one of the best albums of our generation. We remember bumping every song start to finish every day in high school. The melodies and vocals were a whole different level compared to anything else at the time it came down and of course influenced us greatly.

(Mauley) We all grew up listening to Bob Marley’s Legend jamming through the CD player in the car with our parents on the way to school every morning type of deal. Our parents happen to all love Bob Marley so it was set in stone for us to admire & respect his legacy. He’s truly one of the greatest song writers ever.

What do you think surprises listeners the most about MadeGroceries?

I think what will surprise them the most is our demeanor/mindstate, the way we carry ourselves in this age. We believe our sound has that original content/substance balanced with today’s modern sound sonically. We truly have a message to tell through our music, art, and foundation that we know can inspire people and make them wanna do better for themselves. The loved ones we keep around us claim we all have old souls and we understand that perspective & embrace it. how we make that fit together with our passion and build with one another on a day to day basis is something that people trip out about all the time as well.

made groc 2

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