Cleveland is arguably one of the US’s most important musical cities. Altavoz Entmt, of City Music Deal(TM), takes great pleasure in launching; and announcing Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor as the cities’ Ambassador. Both of these events puts Cleveland’s independent artists, bands, and labels, in the digital, physical, and global music distribution fast track.

“Having worked with Big Heff over the last 4 years and knowing his love of Cleveland and it’s music, it was a natural fit to have him become the ambassador. We welcome his wisdom & vision as a partner to benefit the whole network for City Music Deal (TM)” – Nelson Jacobsen, CEO helps to identify and expose emerging artists in the top musical cities across the U.S. This program is modeled after the Seattle Music Initiative that started after a series of meetings held in Seattle in 2007. Currently, It expresses a vision and development strategy for Seattle’s music industry and the larger community for the year 2020. They identified that building bridges between the music, business, and university communities ensured the future of Seattle and it’s music.

Cleveland Artists, Midwest Bands, and Labels can choose to have any of the following deals which will included and extra one-half 1/2 percentage automatically added to your Splits and 3 months of Promotions, Retail Promotions, Radio Promotions, Record Servicing, Online Promotions, and 1 Week of Market Visits.

“ I am really excited to be joining forces with City Music Deal to provide both opportunity and revenue streams to upcoming artists to take their career to the next level” – Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor

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