Posey Rothschild presents the Eric Heights-directed music video for “Kiss The Ring”, her new single produced by London artist Krash. “Kiss The Ring” is the followup to Posey’s “Bleed Out” video (watch). Posey’s government name is unknown. We know that she is of Filipino descent but are uncertain of where she originally hails from or what city she reps for.

We know that although the Philippines is a country with beautiful natural tourist destinations it is also rampant with organized crime, prostitution, human trafficking and government corruption.

Perhaps it is these roots that have inspired Posey to emerge and create this type of music with a message shrouded in anonymity. It is clear that Posey Rothschild does have some type of socio-political agenda reflected in the breakdown of her name. Posey being a symbol of the plague, and Rothschild alluding to the wealthy banking dynasty, pivotal in the perpetuation of what conspiracy theorist’s like to refer to as “the illuminati”.

“There are some things you do because you love them and you don’t care about the money, It’s a blessing and a curse to find something you love to do that makes you money. Because after a while if you’re not self-generating it the people paying you will somehow make you not love it and kill your passion in the name of industry. Ever want to just tell your boss or the equivalent of that – f–k you? That’s what this song is. Shots fired.” -Posey

posey black veil

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