New Jersey artist Mindz I once again harnesses the power of the universe in his explosive new video “The Pulsar Cannon.” This is the first single from his upcoming album iOmega – which is produced by Lord Gamma of Masta Buildas, and is to be released Oct. 31st. An accomplished emcee inspired by hip-hop’s golden age, he blends his affinity for rock guitar and deep synths with a lyrical onslaught of powerful and inspirational lyrics.

The result is like raw elements coming together in space to form something brilliant and life affirming. Sometimes hard edged like a speeding comet, sometimes low gravity like doing back flips through the universe, but always head nodding, he blends experimental acoustics with classic bouncy hip-hop into something uniquely his. We got the chance to ask him about his one of a kind sound and the energy resonating (literally) recording techniques he used on his latest album iScience.

What instruments do you play? What’s your favorite?

I started playing bass guitar learning only a few songs. I usually jam and make up my own music. Most of the songs on iScience I wrote on my bass. I also play keyboard adding synth to the music.

You’re the only person I’ve heard of recording in Holophonic Sound. Can you tell us a little bit about what it is and how you use it?

Holophonic Sound technology is using stereo recording methods and two microphones to project a 3D like sound. It is a new way to make music that I am experimenting with. I also use Binaural recordings in certain songs that are associated with the frequency of that brainwave. In the song Zero Point, I use a Isochronic Binaural associated with the third eye.

Your latest album iScience is unique in several ways. What is the concept of iScience?

iScience is the birth of Mindz I and the foundation for all the music I plan on making. It is all the first songs I created to become an album experience of Mindz I music. It is a view into the Mindz I.

What can we expect from your upcoming album iOmega?

iOmega is an instant classic Hiphop gem infused with a new school lyrical mind opening experience. Intense lyrical rhymes and raw boom bap beats with production by Lord Gamma of E.S.F. Masta Buildas instead of producing my own beats. iOmega is an all hiphop album, it is a classic MC and producer album with dope lyrical rhymes driven by the beats production.

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