Washington D.C.-bred, California-based rapper/producer Fong-Sai-U presents “Jack Sparrow”, the self-produced new single from his new album Ballads Of A Massacre. “Jack Sparrow” is the followup to the release of “Dopeamine” featuring Dice Raw and the “Bad Guy” video.

“I’ve known Dice since he was 15,” says Fong. “We were both shorties doing our thing with Black Thought, so when we got in the lab I told him ‘I want that ‘Clones’ shit’. It was three hours before The Roots’ annual Grammy party so we were feeling right. We got in the booth, killed it, and when we got out we had ‘Dopeamine’.”

An underground hip-hop veteran, Fong has collaborated with Black Thought who was an early mentor to Fong and took him on tour with The Roots. Fong also produced a song called “O.G. Talk” for Guru of Gang Starr on his solo album Bald Head Slick under his given name Divine. In 2011 Soulspazm Records released Fong’s album A Soldier’s Story which featured Raheem DeVaughn and Res.

Fong calls Jack Sparrow his “alter ego – like the old dirty part of me. The one that’s going to lyrically rip your head off and not give a f–k. At one point I was going to stop rapping due to health reasons and people trying to tarnish my name, but when I heard that beat it brought me out of that mental coma. Sometimes you have to go through hell to reach heaven.”

 Ballads Of A Massacre on iTunes | Twitter [@fongsaiu] | Facebook


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