Strait off of the sandy coast of West Palm Beach, Rapper, Producer, and all around vibe generator, Eriiic j, lights up a trippy 10 track instrumental project- and wants everyone to pass it around.

This project is at some points reminiscent of my old Tricky records with a twinge of Housey goodness, plenty of Bass, and some off the wall, but precise samples and vocals.Track four, “Omiscience” is my personal favorite. These tracks are designed for advanced lyrical content – for serious inquires start here.

Eriiic let us know a little more about Beatape, exclusive for Locash…

What are some things that directly influenced the sound of Beatape?

One big influence for beatape was fellow Floridian producer XXYYXX, that might be most obvious. I also draw a lot of inspiration from all over the place, Dilla, Cashmere Cat, cloud rap, metal, psychedelic rock, the list goes on. My biggest goal with beatape was creating instrumentals with that could link with the listeners’ visuals. Whether memories or imagined I wanted to create soundscapes that would be brought to life in different ways by each listener. Also, drugs. Drugs are a huge influence on my music. The holy trinity of DMT, THC, and LSD.

What are your favorite instruments?

Sadly, I can’t play a single instrument. I usually just go by what sounds good to me and then run wild. My favorite instruments would have to be the saxophone and drums, though. As a producer who samples often I love nothing more than a smooth saxophone sample á la Sade.

I’ve been getting into sampling old school drum breaks more lately, though not much, but I really vibe to the complexity of metal drums. Just hearing the timing, precision, and dexterity of a drummer sitting at a double-peddled set is awe-inspiring to me. If I could choose an instrument to learn it would definitely be the drums.

What are you working on now?

Well I’m always “doing the most” musically. I often have multiple projects on my plate and the present is no different. Currently I’m gearing up for the release of Mortality Memoirs which is a loosely conceptual album about reaching the age where we stop feeling as invincible as children and realize that our days are numbered here on earth. I play with various themes throughout the album – often psychedelic and metaphysical if not morbid and pensive and I think this conceptual nature of this project ties it together a lot better than most of my past work.

I’m also working on 3 other projects which I’m not inclined to name as of yet. The advantage of being my own producer is when I make beats (which I create from feeling rather than necessity) I can set aside which ones I want to introduce to other artist or keep for one of my various projects in the works. More than anything I’m working on getting out of my dead-end job and sustaining my life through creation, art, and music.

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