Stuck between being a cool kid and a disgruntled adult, stuck between accepting a mundane existence and a burning rebellious spirit, stuck between a dream and reality…you will find Red Pill…and he’s not alone.

Red Pill is 1/3 of the Detroit rap scene’s employee’s of the year, the Ugly Hero’s. This Self labeled, “Blue Collar Rap” crew represents you and me. They will rap you YOUR life, on some- 1 part “I feel you,” 1 part Inspiration, with a double shot of “get yours,” and a splash of passive aggression.

red pill look cover

This year, Red Pill has released two prolific solo projects on Mello Music. The latest, Look What This World Did To Us, has some serious breakout album potential, reminiscent of Atmosphere’s Overcast, or El-P’s Fantastic Damage. This album is middle class frustration rap, flipped with some dark comedy, and soaked in escapism and alcohol. I relate to it so much, I had to see what makes him tick.

Red Pill, your beats seems to have a certain feel. What sounds do you look for in your own production and who else do you work with?

It totally depends on the album. For this particular record, I wanted things to be jazzier, more subdued, dustier. I’m a fan of sample based production but I’m really into everything at the end of the day. I like to be able to sound good on anything and I’m open to all kinds of production — I just happen to gravitate more to sample based, “boom bap” style shit. And I mostly just work with friends, at least before I started working with Mello Music Group. Hir-O, KuroiOto, Dayggs. I make beats occasionally myself.

I see you are a Louis C.K. fan, he’s a genius. What other comedians do you like and why?

Dave Chappelle is one of my favorites. I just like smart comedy. I like comedy that gives me a new perspective, or comedy that exposes something simple about life in a funny way. One of my favorite things about Louis C.K. is that he finds a way to make smart, simple observations that most of have been through and make them profound. I try to do that with my music. I was into Eugene Mirman for a while — he’s just a weirdo. Mike Birbiglia is funny as well.

Besides Hip-Hop, what other kinds of music do you listen to?

Pretty much everything besides country and EDM. And I even like some country-influenced, bluegrassy stuff. Lately I’ve been into Sufjan Stevens new record, I listen to MGMT still, new Alabama Shakes record is pretty good. My girlfriend is a big indie rock fan — she likes everything, but listens to a lot of indie rock and I discover stuff through her. I’m intro everything from Interpol, to Modest Mouse, to Noah and The Whale. Really not much I don’t like.

What is one of your favorite rappers worst albums?

I think an obvious, easy one would have to be Eminem’s “Encore”. That album hurt my feelings haha.

What is the current Hip-Hop scene like in Detroit?

It’s great man. All sorts of good shit going on. Lots of people making moves currently — there’s a collective of rappers and producers called the CoOwnaz, they’re always doing good shit. I think I’m most excited about the younger kids coming up. Kids 4 or 5 years younger than me. We just produce rappers here man. Nolan the Ninja is dope. Richy Marciano, Mike Melinoe. Too many to name. Looking forward to seeing where they go.

What’s on the horizon for you?

More music. Gotta get this contract for Mello fulfilled haha. Should have an EP out this Fall and at least another full length next year. Trying to stay busy and get on the road!

Look What This World Did To Us is available now digitally, on CD, and amazing looking Beer Based Black Splatter vinyl from Mello Music.

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