The last time Centipede a.k.a Austin Carter took us on a musical journey was February of last year with his official debut project on Farfetched records called “LuvSoundz“…this is when people really started paying attention.

A year later, a little older, a little different, with a newer approach to his own creations, Centipede brings us his Sophomore project the “Reflection EP,” which is also a birthday present to his father. Chalked full of soul, this is 6 tracks of unadulterated emotions, like the RCA cords were plugged directly into his body, filtered through a kaleidoscope, and into his myriad of Drum machines.

It’s what dreams sound like, if we could remember them for more than an hour, it’s the different colors you see when you really look into a camp fire. The subtitles of the sounds is amazing, I would recommend listening through headphones so you catch everything.

One thing new about this project is, he added his own verse at the end, I had no idea he rapped- another sign of progression in his art. Rhyming with him is MIR, one of the coldest members of prolific STL crew, M.M.E. Once again I’m hella impressed with young Mr. Carter. It’s awesome to see him build on an already solid foundation. Listen for yourself.

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