BlackblOccupy from on Vimeo.

In America, Black Bloc and the Occupy Movement generally do not get along. One side looks at the other as sign holding hippie pussies getting nothing done, or violent assholes dumbing down a political statement with barbarianism. Europe has found a way to unite the brains and the brawn, at least long enough to strike at the common enemy. Enter Blackbloccupy…

Recently, European Central Bank (ECB) executives gathered in Frankfurt, to celebrate the opening of a towering ECB HQ building. A massive showing of Blackbloccupy soldiers stopped by to make and made sure the top brass of the global bank could could hear their message and smell the burning tires in the streets below, a powerful message indeed.

This was in the AM. As the day progressed, rallies, marches and speakers engaged the public, to discuss tactics and change on a political level. This is why Europe continues to make our protests look like children’s birthday parties. The combination of the raw passion and the educated prowess is undeniably powerful. And here’s the full banned version of the Atari Teenage Riot video from the one above just for some good clean fun.


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