The West Coast’s premier DJ/Promoter crew the Dirty Beetles are gearing up for their annual get away-throw down-jammy jam in the California mountains, BOOGALOO MOUNTAIN JAM 2015! This party started as one of the Dirty Beetles birthdays, and five years later it’s a giant full blown festival…uhm…can you say “and ya don’t stop!”

The line up this year is nice and diverse, and boasts some heavy hitters like, AN-TEN-NAE, G JONES,  DJDAN, WORTHY, JOESKI, FORT KNOX FIVE and THE FUNK HUNTERS. Also featured is Saint Louis’s own Lou E. Bagles and Dj Alexis.

The music will be on three stages marked by brilliant rolling sculpture/party Art Cars – Boogaloo, Charlie The Unicorn, and Jabba’s Barge. Each stage will have a set line-up, although you never know what special guests could pop up at any given time or place. It’s a party ya’ll!

Charlie The Unicorn
Charlie The Unicorn
Jabba's Barge
Jabba’s Barge

 Check out this brand new Dirty Beetles video that announces the full line up. Then, find a way to this party it’s on April 24-26th at Oak Canyon Ranch, Lake Irving, CA.

Screaming Beetle v5 from Jose Delgado on Vimeo.


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