My boy Pancho Rucker pours it out in his brand new video “IMPerfect”. This is the first release from his new project of the same name. Pancho is one of my favorite underground artists and has been rapping half his life. The new track doesn’t have the trademark humor that he is sometimes known for (check out “Die”) but sometimes shit ain’t funny and this track can touch your soul if you relate. Pancho recently told us about the new project.

“This is the most introspective album to date from me. I am an artist that is affected by life and my surroundings. My views on life in St Louis and in general will definitely be displayed with this project. Also all the things that people love from Pancho Rucker will be there as well. My lyrical content is better than I have ever seen it. The commercial appeal will be there and the witt and comical approach of a natural born asshole will still be in tact. I believe that the people will enjoy this from young to old.”

We’ll keep you posted as this project develops. Follow Shogun Music Group for more


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