Mississippi rap trifecta, Decked Out Boys, roll through with their new single “Boppin”, from the brand new mixtape Camp 8. Hosted by DJ Smoke, the mixtape is a nice 14 tracks, as opposed to the annoying 27ish, that sometimes plagues the mixtape format- and if you play it in your ride you might find yourself swinging the wheel back and forth just for fun.

Roo Daddy, Hellboy and Yank Da Great, who are two brothers and a cousin, make up this rap trio, they keep it in the family and keep it Decked Out. On the heels of last months video “Dos Equis“, and hood-hop hits “Foolish,” and “Work It like a Pro”,”Boppin”, is a stunner anthem that is quickly taking the lead among fan favorites. The Camp 8 mixtape is available for download on DatPiff.

For Decked Out Boys, Camp 8 represents a 9-5 or the struggle; the paycheck to paycheck life. It’s prison! We plan on continuing the Camp 8 series until music pays the bills.


rap with us

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