Tigers Craving Stars just mixed up the galaxy with his brand new 14 track extravaganza called “Inside Out.” Part Indie rock, part experimental hip-hop, all heart, this songwriter/lyricist and ensemble blend stirring vocals, high content rhymes, and all kinds of instrumentation-live and otherwise, into a roller coaster of emotion and sound.

His musical journey started in 2009. Since then, He has worked as a writer and producer on many different award-winning and critically acclaimed albums. “Inside Out,” culminates all of his experiences into his own direction. He recently told A&M Entertainment,

I always knew that I wanted to tell my story; share things that I have thought, experienced, and witnessed. It was only a matter of time before it happened.

The first video, “Missouri Loves Company,” featuring vocalist Daniela Andrade, is a sobering reminder of when life’s circumstances can cause disappointments, and how to put on a smile in the face of adversity.

Picture if you will, the Imagine Dragons, a quick-witted emo-rapper and about 11 singers spanning every genre of popular music, from country, to rock, to soul, all jamming their respected styles – that’s “Inside Out.” I wanna go to that wine mixer, It’s a good time.

tigers craving stars



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