There isn’t a stronger, more commanding voice in hip-hop right now louder than Karega Bailey’s. Born in Brooklyn, Bailey’s parents emigrated from Jamaica and relocated to Sacramento when he was a child. Now the award-winning spoken word poet, D.C. educator and politically minded emcee is just waiting to explode. Endorsed by Public Enemy’s Chuck D on his show “Songs That Mean Something,” Bailey is definitely on rap’s radar.

His forthcoming album, the Peace King EP, drops at the end of January 2015. In anticipation of the album, Bailey is proud to announce a new video for “Sunny Days,” the 5th track on the record. Produced by EOM and directed by JaeSynth, it features California-based emcees Mark Knoxx and Chaycin Change with Malcolm Stokes on the trumpet. In perhaps one of the most tumultuous times since the Rodney King riots, Bailey comes in with the healing the nation needs through the power of his music.

They crucify the truth, but yo, I’m here to resurrect…I spit the truth and nothing less.

Bailey indeed brings the truth in every word he utters. Whether he’s addressing the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri or his brother’s recent passing, he speaks with the heart, which is something this world needs a whole lot of these days. Karega Bailey is truly one to watch. – Kyle Eustice


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