In the name of shaking things up for the new year, Saint Louis indie Hip-Hop imprint The Frozen Food Section, names a new PR Director, music giveaway program, and new acts. The FFS are poised to spread their frozen gospel in 2015 with their continued giveaway love for their fans and some other exciting “Innovations.” I caught up with Frozen’s core constituents Tucker Booth, Jonathan Toth From Hoth, DJ Innovation, and newly signed emcee Wilnevertell, to tell us all about the upcoming Frozen goodness.


As the FFS PR director for 10 years, tell me about the new move for DJ Innovation?

Inno came to Toth and I and volunteered to take over as the new Midwest PR Director for The Frozen Food Section & we are super stoked to take him on in this capacity! He and I will work together to continue to build the FFS brand around the world as well as recruit new artists from different regions to join up with us (such as new members PlagueDoctor from Bellingham, Washington who Inno brought to us).

I have utmost confidence in DJ Innovation’s enthusiasm and promotional hustle and look forward to the many ways he will help FFS expand and grow. Inno’s creative presence has been felt considerably over the last few years. From scratch contributions to Toth’s Conspiracy Theory album and The Randy Savages Mixtape (not to mention his generous donation of exclusive rap verses he had procured from Canibus and Styles P to The Randy Savages project) Inno has left an extremely flavorful, nuanced aura which fits in well with the Frozen gang.

What can you tell us about DJ innovations role at your Tucker Booth Needs A job radio show?

Inno is a regular consultant of mine and helps guide the direction of the artist features and overall themes of our show. He introduces us to dope groups that I have been previously unaware of & goes the extra mile with the artists he submits to make sure that they are informed about the ins and outs of the Needs A Job Experience. Inno also calls in and regularly updates us on his personal and artistic trials and tribulations which makes for consistently entertaining on air fodder.

He also holds down our weekly Facebook thread that we maintain live throughout the course of each episode. If you’d like to get in on the fun go to my profile page: Tucker Dale Booth, Redondo Beach, California and look for our Monday show posts. It can get pretty crazy on the boards and Innovation often seems to be right in the midst of the madness. That said: he is truly one of our finest cyber diplomats and his participation is priceless. We are very blessed to have him in the Kill Radio and FFS fold.

– J-Toth,

How will the FFS greatest hits weekly releases be chosen?

So far, Tucker, HEAVYSET and I have just been trolling the catalog and picking our favorites. We’ve got around 1,000 songs (most are unreleased), so we’ve got plenty to choose from. If you have any suggestions, holler and we’ll see what’s up.

Tell us about your new album Conspiracy Theory.

This album was dedicated to my history degree from college. I’ve been into the concept of conspiracy theory since the first time I found some alternative information on old subjects. The longer you are online the more info you find, but as an historian, it’s my job to separate the wheat from the chaff (truth vs. propaganda). I noticed the public can be divided into two categories: 1. those who buy the official story reported and published by the government, military and mainstream media, and 2. those who don’t. When these two sides face-off online, it becomes the “sheep” vs. the “conspiracy nuts.”

As you might guess, it’s difficult to remain a sheep after you’ve accumulated so much relative information that the status quo is censoring and withholding from the public. Winston Churchill said, “History is written by the victors” and Adolf Hitler’s minister of propaganda Joseph Goebbels said, “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

What’s so fascinating about US history is that we have a culture of “being the best,” and that includes sponging techniques from our enemies. We learned fascism from the Nazis, propaganda from the Russians, torture from the Japanese and now our media is using KKK-style race-baiting and class dividing to keep the public in-fighting instead of standing up to the corruption going on within the system. The problem is, the further you go down the rabbit hole, the sneakier, murkier and more sinister motives surface.

The album starts off with my social commentary on how our system is run by “the company.” I took that old Tennessee For Williams song, Sixteen Tons, sped it up and chopped it. DJ Crucial scratched in his famous line, “I owe my soul to the company store,” but I cut off “store” so it was more relevant to us.

From there I tackled subjects like the Federal Reserve Bank (a debt-based scam run by a handful of the richest families in the world) Obama’s tenure (or how to change megalomaniacs who don’t want to change), the IRS (legal racketeers who steal money from the public), Karl Rove (one of the most awful amoral strategists to work in the White House), The Bush family (an even scarier group of cronies working for the cabals), lobbyists (aka human flies), the N.S.A. (thank god for Edward Snowden’s revelations), Secret Muslims (and how ludicrous that concept is), a George Carlin look at politicians and finally some solutions. I also added a presidential medley and the classic “Do the Whiteboy,” a satirical song about privilege.

I did a lot of the beats, but I got great production from Ace Ha, Architect, Splitface, Necktie, SykoRed, Invectrum and EngLebuRt. DJ Innovation also killed it on the cuts with Crucial. The guest emcees, Black Patrick, Space, Less, Tucker Booth and PLEX all brought their finest rhymes with them, and for that I am grateful.

jtoth con.


As the new PR director can you tell us about the FFS greatest hits weekly releases for 2015?

The newest thing the Frozen Food Section is doing is 1 song dropped every week for a year. Kinda an ode to all the older catalog, most requested, and new hotness as it comes out. We basically want to let everyone know about older stuff to wet their pallets for the new stuff we are putting out. Be on the look out for a new greatest hit every week.

What’s else is poppin for the FFS in 2015?

Well basically a bunch of new music from the FFS collective. The new PlagueDoctor heat from Bellingham Wa, a new J Toth/Dj Innovation album called Hoth produced by Ace Ha, and new heat from T booth. I’m sure we will get a peep into the solo mind of WilNeverTell with his solo album. (Garth from PlagueDoctor) basically new Frozen music will be set out to thaw into your brains in 2015.


what CAN you tell us about being the first group signed to the label by DJ Innovation, how did that hook up happen?

On Innovation’s last trip out from the silvery, shining concrete tiles of St. Louis to the moldy, tick-ridden swamps of the Pacific Northwest I showed him the robot we built-in a mountain-cave out of moss, vines and scraps of metal from numerous otherworldly shipwrecks scattered around these ravines and riverbeds. Maybe it was the strange blend of herbs, spores and pollen-pods we were smoking, but the music we programmed this robot to create, and the words and phrases we taught it to recite seemed to move DJ Innovation to the point of great reflection and apparent deep contemplation.

He claims he recalls nothing more of his visit to Washington, and awoke from his odd daze disembarking from his aircraft home in Missouri. He contacted me soon after with ramblings, and proclamations of a true genius, or a raving madman. He explained that my band of hooded musical tricksters should do well to join his own army of FFS mystic nobility. We agreed and have since sent forth a convoy of five ferrets to the deep Midwest and beyond, bearing the wealth of our first composition as PlagueDoctor.
And we have called it “Hooded Headed Medics” for our elders honor.

plague doc

 To get your Frozen Foods fill in the new year you can tune into The Tucker Booth Needs a Job internet radio show every Monday’s 2-6 Pacific Time on and be sure to visit for the FFS greatest hits weekly releases.

J-Toth’s Conspiracy Theory is available at and Dj Innovation’s souncloud is always full of new freshness. See you there, all yrrrrrrrr long.


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