With the emergence of new sounds and musical styles fueling the industry, the uniquely crafted musical contributions from Southern gypsy funk band Come Back Alice have grabbed the attention of both music enthusiasts and industry personnel. The Florida based band has announced the release of their latest video, “Coraline,” which is also available as their new single.

The elaborate new video was filmed in Florida by Lightwave Media and features a fairy-tale themed visual of Coraline sweeping through various scenes, seemingly following a path of destined destruction. The video captures its antagonist trying to lure Coraline with unsuspecting obstacles and she tries to rob Coraline of her beauty. In the lyrics, Tony Tyler, the band’s lead vocalist warns, “Coraline this place can be unkind, pull you low or push you high.” Tyler also said about the project.

Coraline represents the two sides that we all seem to posses. Everyone can relate to being pushed and pulled in one way or another — we all have our moments, ups and downs.

Stand up Bass lines, violin plucking, and giant sitars – paired with beauty stealing Wood Nymps, “enchanted” apples, hillbilly’s up to no good, and band’s playing in trees, all make this video an amazing journey through an awesome “Alice in Gypsyfunkland” scenario. Check it out.



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