Strait out of the Mississippi Delta, Kang Moja A.k.a. Delta Boi, swings his way through a fresh new mixtape of Bayou infused beats and Southern raised rhymes. Entitled “Mojo Muzik: Volume 1,” Mojo and his Crew E.G.P., bring their street styled lyrical flare over a list of talented producers to include: Alegal, AdoTheGod, J.R., Max Million, Street Empire, SupaStarr O, Drizzie, Vibe and Lett Loose.

Regionally Kang Mojo once earned the nickname “Freestyle,” and along with his new project, he recently released an off the top track titled, “32 Bars (Controversy),” just as a bonus. Fan favorites so far from”Mojo Muzik: Volume 1″ are, “Call Me Country,” and the throw your hood up anthem “Crooked Letta I.”

Mojo has also been expanding the deep Delta’s influence to Georgia, Louisiana and recently out to Cali for performances and to spread his new school blues laced Hip-Hop. Stay tuned to his Soundcloud page for plenty more laid back street anthems with plenty of bump for the trunk.

Kang Mojo


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