What’s going on with you and your music right now?

Basically my current situation with this music business bullshit. First I would like to say that to all the Artists who think they need any kind of deal, either distribution or through a label, you don’t by any means. Find your own way of promoting & building up your name & your brand. Find who you appeal to & attack those demographics like a parasite haha If your music is dope you don’t need nobody to “help” because eventually people will find you.

People talk, word of mouth is the most powerful promotional tool period. Especially these younger generations, if they like shit they homies are playing while they riding around in mom’s stolen Lexus they will Google the shit out of you & try to find any means to download your shit. So with that being said, lets move along haha

Who are you working with?

I have a distrubution deal with 101 Distrubution. A couple years ago they made a merge with We Rock Entertainment, a record label, which is distrubuted through Koch. Since I technically had a contract with 101 Distribution, I was forced into a label that I wanted nothing to do with. I no longer had a marketing director, nor anyone who actually gave a shit about myself or my music.

I requested an opp-out of contract around May of last year but came to no agreement, other than just give them my 1 album, which is the contract agreement with 101 Distribution, & then they will release me from the label, but not owning any of the masters of that album, which was never in my initial contract with 101 Distribution.
So basically I have been like fuck it, just release mixtapes until these court dates come.

What do you got comin out?

I have an album that’s been release ready for almost a year now. As soon as I got outta jail I recorded my ass off but then got locked back up. So I took a little bit of time off recording to focus on myself & re-evaluate my life choices a little bit. That’s when Melo & myself started working alot again. He keeps me motivated & is a dope producer/rapper.

Shoutout to Animoss as well. He has done some production for us as well & dude is a beast. I will forever be in debt to Melo & Animoss for just helping me grow as an artist. I soaked up alot of game from these dudes especially from Animoss, I used to kick with him on a daily, just watching him flip beats is amazing & his work ethic is disgusting. No days off.

Me & Melo got another mixtape we working on at the moment & still finishing up our debut album ” Golden Harvest”. Shit we got over 30 records already but we just trying to time everything right & make sure every record bangs.

Aside from that, I got 3 solo mixtapes I’m dropping before the years over. “Cellophane Sacks,” “Dispensary Dealin,’” and “House of the Wicked.”



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