Pancho Rucker brings it full circle on these squares as he drops a heavy, full length Lp. The brand new album, aptly named “Long Time Coming,” shows a hungry, young veteran side of P. Rucker.

Tracks #1 “Die,” #2 “#Turndownforwhat,” and #5 “Aramareduh!,” are a straight party which is a Shogun Music specialty, crew members OPK and Smurf also appear on the album.  It definitely wouldn’t be a P. Rucker record without some nice Cadillac trunk music, see Tracks 4 &15 “The Landing” and “Hot Commodity” for all the Low-Pro details there.

“Long Time Coming” also brings us plenty of classic P.Rucker shenanigans, Benson, Cleveland Brown, and one of my favorite movie songs ever (see Track 9) all make an appearance but, some new ground is also broken in subject matter and production.

Pancho snow

Tracks like #13 “In The Moment,” #17 “Lay It Down,” and #18 “No Promises,” all blaze new trails in both departments.  Pancho has always been one of my favorite young gunner emcees.  I still rock to 2011’s “Kurt Cobain Music.” On this album though, he validates the stripes he’s been collecting over the years, with his clever and often comical style. I don’t know nobody else rapping about Quaaludes and tapedecks…and homie ain’t never lying. I’m gonna be bumpin this album for a while.


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