Yo, I’ve been rockin with Sav for like 6 years now.  I don’t always know where he’s at, I think only the lord knows (or maybe satan) sometimes but, I do know one thing…he’s got some new music comin out.  He always does.  He’s one of those rare people who is overflowing with artistic expression.  I think if he couldn’t make music he might spontaneously combust, even then he would rap in all of our faces from the afterlife with a quick whiff of Hennessy when his spirit left the room.

I recently got to catch up with my homie. The questions are simple, but the answers are always good.

Sav…what the fuck have you been up to?

“Shiiiiiiit, I been good, stayin outta jail, keepin myself busy w/ this music shit. Just trying to be as productive as possible basically. Mista Melo & myself dropped a mixtape called “Sleeze Rap” back in December that did real well, close to a 100,000 downloads, about 30,000 of them solely on Datpiff.com alone so that was a blessing.”

“S/O to Melo & Animoss! Dropped my forth solo mixtape back in like April I believe, called “Art Monster” & that has also done pretty good. Just been recording alot more than usual the past year, I have 3 projects that will drop before the year is over… As long as I don’t get locked up again haha”

Quit playin fool. What are the projects called?

“Cellophane Sacks,” “Dispensary Dealin,'” and “House of the Wicked.” I just leaked a song & a teaser vid for one of the projects, “Cellophane Sacks”, about a week ago.”

“The House of the Wicked mixtape I’m donating all the proceeds to a halfway center that house paroled convicts that help them back into the real world. Since I can’t legally profit off any of my own music*, then I will use the profits to help better the lives of others.”

Check out the video for “No Contest” off the upcoming “Cellophane Sacks” project and follow SAV on Soundcloud for the latest.

*Full disclosure in part 2 of this interview coming soonly soon.



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