Skiddalz unleashes her hot debut album “Rebel Angel” (Official audio/itunes link)


Saint Louis’s premiere bad girl emcee Skiddalz has just unleashed her full length debut album “Rebel Angel” and she slam dunked that shit.  Skiddalz has been putting out music since around 08′ when she was still in her teens.

Fusing her love for beat boxing and poetry into full on track smashing raps she has emerged as a lyrical force to be reckoned with.

This album has been a long time coming and is worth the wait, it’s not just another mixtape.  “Rebel Angel” is 11 tracks of Skiddalz heart and soul, it breaks down into a few phases.

Skiddalz b&w

The club bangers: This is what she does, she’s a beat rider and a beast writer, so naturally these are smashing.  The Dj friendly lead off track “Make It Happen” is a promise to her fans and a threat to doubters, the beat is infectious and Skiddalz cements your attention with her patented gun slinger style raps.

Track 2, “Do Whatever” featuring P.R.E.A.C.H. loses zero momentum. The two emcees dig deep into the musical state of mind over a haunting futuristic beat. This is the point where I realize how good her voice sounds, she borderline sings the hook and every word is precise.

Track 3, “Cook Sumn” cracks me up but at the same time ain’t no joke.  Here is where Skiddalz shows she’s not your average “look how cool I am” rapper. Her uniqueness shines and the double entendre of the title is clever and funny.

Track 6, “Please Shut up” featuring Yak Boy Fresh is my favorite track.  It might be my new theme song, it’s addicting.  The track is a certified neck breaker and should be played as loud as possible.  It’s self-explanatory, and needed to be said.  Skiddalz and Yak Boy send the message, please shut up, here’s why, continue to shut up, repeat. Gold.

Track 10, “Good time” is not my style but, it’s a lot of other people’s, get your dance on and enjoy life with this one.

The girl behind the mic tracks: these songs give the album depth and they go pretty far. Tracks 4&5 , “Psycho Love” and “My Letter To You” rip apart stereotypes of love and the opposing views.  Skiddalz reminds me of a young Slim Shady, not Eminem, Slim Shady, as she spins tails of relationship up’s, down’s, and spinning in circles. Lesson? Be nice to Skiddalz.

The social awareness track: Track 9, “Sweet Dreams” is straight up about suicide.  In our current state of Klono-xana-buterin nation, this track speaks to more people than are willing to admit it and it’s dope Skiddalz has the bravery to rap about it.  At the end there is a real hotline number.

The state of the art tracks: Track 7, “I Love It” is another stand out track for me, featuring The Co-Pilots, this is a dream laced sound with a nice hard edge, with all 3 emcees elevating the listener to a nice level of “We got you, relax and enjoy the ride.”  Track 9, “Fat Kid’s Revenge” featuring Jayda Future might be the most defining track of the album.  Jayda brings some thunder and our girl just kicks the doors in. I had to quote her on this one.

Similar to being on earth or in Hell/ and I failed /at making the ones I love feel loved that’s the price of rising above/ and I’m up like cholesterol/ but I’m standing tall right next to y’all/ you look small to me/ hand the ball to me/ I’m Michael, bitch. You Lebron to me/ Ain’t it odd to see?/ that I’m probably/ the closest prodigy to originality/ so honor me!/ because the Greats have passed/ and the Gates have smashed/ Ain’t never let you fakes get a backstage pass/ I’m appalled they asked/ you need a hall pass/ Because the Class that I rep goes beyond Math

The ride out track: Track 11, “The Phoenix” has a Whitey Ford vibe to it and chants “Don’t count me out when I’m down/I will rise again” and the rolling tempo is a nice exit from hype vibe of the album, Ahhhhhhnnd exhale. Whew, that’s quite a ride…I wanna go again.

Rebel Angel is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, and more.

skiddalz  rappin


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