CollectivID’s Denver takeover

Black Prez- H*Wood - DJ Five8
Black Prez- H*Wood – DJ Five8


There is something in the air at the Mile High City.  A group of artists have come together to upgrade and enhance the area’s already nice musical landscape.  This group is known as Collective ID (COID.)

CollectivID is officially a record label and promotions firm, but they operate more like artistic ambassadors or sub culture representatives.  Spearheading this movement is native emcees Black Prez and H*wood, backed by Dj Five8 and vocalist Yasi, the crew has big plans for Denver and beyond.

The first album off the label entitled “Code Red” is nearly complete and it’s about time to ring the alarm.  I recently caught up with label CEO and executive producer Taver Tor to get the story in his own words.

What is CollectivID’s (COID) mission?

“Thank you for taking the time to talk with us.  COID or CollectivID mission is simple as the name. The CO as in Colorado and ID identity.  We are living in a special time Denver is going to be come the New LA or New York It is our goal to showcase all of Colorado talent.  This is our time to become the fore fathers of the music scene.”

What is the style of the upcoming Code Red album?

Code Red is going to surprise everyone the current state of hip-hop, but to describe Code Red with Black Prez, H*Wood rapping and DJ Five8 Production for the whole album it makes for a Timeless album. You can expect everything Colorado loves, from EDM to guitar solo’s, along with beautiful girls singing. its going to sonically take you some where, again timeless, I use that word cautiously but when you listen to the sound of the project the stories the artist convey you will understand why i say that.”

code red banner

Tell us about the next single “Tonight.”

“The single Tonight is actually going to be Pushed back to September 15th,
But its really the heart of this project, the song was recorded at a local studio in Denver, and is what started this whole Code Red Album.  It is one of those high energy feel good songs that you get you ready to go out and party with friends. or even turn up during the night. In addition it gives the ladies a nice anthem to sing to and make fellas recognize whats in front of them, the ladies will appreciate it with the current state of aintloyal type songs in the air, as well as the guys digging it too.”

What can we expect from you guys in the future?

“All in all we are an independent company and just want to put out a good project that shows the world what colorado is capable of.  Make sure to Follow @blackprez and @offcialhwood and the producer @milehighfive8 and me too @imtaver stay tuned for H*woods Next Project with his live band as well as Dj Five8 Beat mixtape and a Black Prez Ep.  Thanks for taking the time to Interview us!”

Be sure not to miss the listing party kick off to this new wave of energy pulsating from the heart of Denver.

code red party


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