New York’s V. Nova decrees “The New Commission” (Official Video)

v nova cover

V. Nova is leading a New York hardcore rap resurgence.  His upcoming project “Hidden in Plain Sight Volume 3: The New Commission” (HIPS3) lays out the code of conduct over some supremely wicked production by The Crack Factory.  The first single “You Died” is a witty and sarcastic collabo with fellow NY spitter Uncle Murda and the second single “Abstract Art” has an ultra fresh throwback vibe laced with some nice scratching and features Brooklyn legends Smif-n-Wesson.


The latest release comes with some sick visuals and it’s simply dubbed “The Commission.” Nova keeps up his tradition of jumping off each project with a scathing 16.  This track is actually the album intro! After three minutes of head knocking hard rhymes with a politico undertone, you’re like, yo…I’m listening. Nova had this to say about the new video.

“I want people to get from this video that V. Nova is nothing to fuck with. The red, white & blue symbolism in the video coincides with the speaker in the beginning: a world government who is elected by no one is the trilateral commission. While I’m not a mainstream artist, I come from a place where we dictate trends, so I have an underground impact in that regard. So in a way, the streets are this New Commission, which is where I come from.”

HIPS3 drops in September. Check out the brand new video below.


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