There’s a sorceress of sound running the streets of L.A. Her magic is real and her name is Erin Jale’ (pronounced Jah-ley) Erin is a Pro Tools surgeon and a liberator of pounding sexy bass melted with various audio subtleties that you sometimes don’t even know you’re enjoying until a couple plays later. Her tracks often have upwards of 20 layers with no hint of over business.  She describes her production as…

I Love BaSSS. For me it is a state of mind, a place I can go where nothing else seems to matter. The way a human being can hear AND feel bass on a physical level has always inspired and captured my imagination.

When she lays her vocals over her down-tempo cuts it’s like two rolling storm fronts colliding and causing a slow warm rain over a poppy field. But it’s not all quite storms, make no mistake Erin can bring the thunder. ~ Hensley






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