What Is A Real Graffiti Artist? by YZE – PHOENIX

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What is a real Grafitti artist?

“Historically speaking, cause people be dissin, the first grafitti artist’s in the world were the Egyptian’s” Krs-one – Out for fame
(I’m writing this cause it gotta be said, Too many real writer’s have died. The phony shit gotta end)

Grafitti artist: A grafitti artist is someone who stylizes LETTER’S onto wall’s, trains, paper, slap tag’s, black book or any public forum whether by being commissioned to or illegally done. A REAL GRAFITTI ARTIST can demonstrate on the spot from the top of the head the artist’s name or tag manipulating the letter’s to suit their name to be hit up anywhere. A TRUE GRAFITTI ARTIST EARNS THEIR REP ON THE STREET’S by putting up “BURNER’S” that spread their alias throughout the city or wherever they travel.

Grafitti BOMBER: A grafitti Bomber is everything that a Grafitti artist is except Grafitti bomber’s focus more on huge letter’s or clean regular letter’s that get their name and fame up. Some artist’s say that there is no difference between a Grafitti Bomber and Grafitti artist, but in my opinion and the opinion of old writer’s there is a difference in style and what the two artist’s are trying to present to the public.

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Street Artist: A street artist is everything that a grafitti artist and grafitti bomber is except STREET ARTIST’S focus on drawing people, places and thing’s. Some Street artist’s may paint cartoons you see on t.v, some do portrait’s, and some do art with political meaning. Usually you’ll see street artist’s and Grafitti artist’s and Bomber’s click up and do pieces with each other or you’ll see them doing their own thing.

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Tag: A Tag is a signature and stepping stone to an artist becoming a REAL GRAFITTI ARTIST. One has to have a good “Hand Style” before you can become a GRAFITTI ARTIST, just like a painter has to be able to DRAW before they’re considered a TRUE PAINTER unless your just drawing simple geometric shapes. Though some people just stick to being a “Tagger” and don’t graduate to being Grafitti artist’s.

Slap Tag: Slap tag’s are the sticker’s you see Grafitti artist’s or Tagger’s posting up with their alias on it.

Black book: This is a book that grafitti artist’s, bomber’s, or Tagger’s carry around with their names and art pieces drawn into them. If you never owned one of these and have samples of your tag’s or graff letter’s, or at least have paper’s or slap tag’s that have displayed of your work it’s safe to say YOU’RE A TOY.

garland book

Toy: A TOY IS A POSER IN THE GRAFITTI WORLD. A Toy is someone who CLAIM’S they’re a Street Artist, Grafitti Artist, Bomber but can’t draw to save their lives. Or they post up wack ass pieces over writer’s who really have a rep in the street ruining their freshly made Burner’s with horrible art. This usually result’s in a beat down or complete disrespect from The Grafitti art world. But the cool thing is that some Toy’s are just people working to become real writer’s they just suck at the moment. If they get with a crew or an artist that know’s what they’re doing and they keep at it after a while they’ll earn their respect.

What am I?: T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T./Garland Watson/”YZE” is a STREET ARTIST that comes from a Grafitti art background. I was given my name “Yze” by my older brother who was a writer on paper. I never went and put up enough Burner’s for me to be considered a TRUE GRAFITTI ARTIST but I do draw letter’s. I am A TRUE STREET ARTIST earning my rep by doing pieces on wall’s and displaying my skill with SPRAY CAN’S. I’ve been out at 2 o’clock in the morning BY MYSELF doing Art on Wall’s in unfamiliar places throughout the City.



RISK’S OF BEING A GRAFITTI ARTIST/BOMBER/OR STREET ARTIST:  If your going to be anyone of these label’s and be TRUE to it you have to realize a few thing’s. GRAFITTI ARTIST’S/ BOMBER’S / STREET ARTIST’S are rebel’s and risk taker’s. Outside of the art world we’re hated by many and loved by few. Grafitti, bomber’s, street artist’s have been murdered by Cop’s, Gang member’s, or plain sicko’s because of the time we choose to display our art skill’s.

It’s like Whodini say’s The Freak’s Come out at Night. In neighborhood’s high on crime when a writer or artist risk’s going to a turf they’re not familiar with, There are street Gang’s who own that turf that will either severly beat up or kill a writer or artist for going over their gang’s tag with their own art. If you’re a writer or artist you can be thrown in jail or fined 1,000’s of dollar’s if you get caught destroying public property. If you’re a writer and you get in a war with another crew for crossing out their Burner with your own you can get stomped out by that writer you crossed out or his whole crew.

This has been a public announcement from T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T./ Garland Watson REPRESENTATIVE OF HIP-HOP CULTURE

I’ve participated in and done 3 of the 5 elements, my resume is Break dancing, Graff (street art) and emceeing. These are a few of my favorite grafitti movies: Style Wars, Wild Style, and Bomb the System check’em out if you really wanna know about Grafitti and also listen to KRS–ONE’s “ Out for Fame.”

 Finalfalloutshelter.tumblr / T.W.I.L.I.G.H.T. / Garland Watson Tatts


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