Kreative House artist Jordan Antonia gets it jumpin with “Bayou Boogie”


Kreative House Music artist Jordan Antonia has tapped into one of the most authentic pulses of great American music that’s been throbbing away in the backwoods of the nation for decades.  If her scorching new single Bayou Boogie doesn’t shake your juke joint, close the doors and call your respected Mambo or Houngan because there’s something wrong with your people.

After her well received debut EP A.D.D. Of The Heart Jordan is gearing up for the release of her second project self titled Jordan Antonia! This new lightning in a bottle sound she’s rockin is enough to wake up any sleepy town.  The vibe extends from the earliest Delta blues to a 21st century southern soul throw down.

This track comes from a place where guitars are carefully tuned to be somewhat out of tune, shiny brass blares and sing your lungs out vocals that often turn into soulful screams are the norm.  The 2:45 breakdown in this track is sick, true genre bending niceness, Michael Jackson would bust out right here.

jordan A black hat

The new single Bayou Boogie is available now on itunes and you can keep up with Jordan on twitter , instagram and Soundcloud. Catch her if you can the girl is makin moves.  Shouts out to Kreative House and Diamond Kesawn for putting us up on this one.



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