Come Again: A Mixtape by Tivert – Essex U.K.


Killradio/Locash Collective style operative, code name Tivert, has just leaked a heavily coded transmission from his headquarters is Essex, U.K.  After decryption, several Missouri emcees voices could be heard clearly along with classic Hip-Hop heavy hitters.

We would like to recognize agent Tivert for leading the overseas rebellion against wackness and securing fresh style for the good people of Essex and beyond. This message is entitled Come Again and is addressed to all non-conformists across the globe. The mixing and the selection are precision on this. It’s all around on point. Stream or download the entire transmission here. Keep fightin the good never ends. – Hensley

((( Come Again: A Mixtape by Tivert )))

come again tracklist


1 Comment

  1. So pleased this mixtape was recieved with the enthusiasm i had hoped for. I wanted to push the tracks i have come to love further than my own ears. This seemed like a logical step for me, mixing the old and appreciated with the new and unheard on british soil. I must have played and altered it countless times before deciding it did justice to the artists who deserve exposure. Peace and thanks for helping me to expose greatness.


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