Canadian vibe master Akin drops “Harmony” the second single from “True Stories.” (Official video)


African-Canadian singer Akin’s new album aptly named True Stories turns on a metaphorical light switch for the human spirit. Some people live their whole lives trying to reach the mindset that the second single Harmony portrays.  To see that level of understanding embodied in such a young soul shines a little light on a world that seems to be going completely ballistic somewhere every day.

The new video shot in Toronto, shows people from young to old and in every shade of humanity sending a message of solidarity. The album is ten tracks of heavy drums with Akin and friends J.Robb, Nevahurd and Yomi lacing all of them with rich layers of vocals. The lyrics and vibe ebbs and flows from pride, to struggle, to heartfelt passion.

The main purpose behind the music and the video is to encourage a common ground between different yet equal voices that exist within our society that we might disagree but still respect one another thus some will sing the melody while others sing the harmony. – Akin


The album is available on itunes and Bandcamp and Akin is donating 50% of the song’s proceeds to UNICEF Canada to support their initiatives to fight poverty. 50%. That’s breaking bread.  So after you “go hard as a muthaf*cka” and find as many reasons as possible not to “turn down” this weekend, never forget to balance your soul out with some cleansing music.  Check out the video and be excellent to each other. One Love. – Hensley



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