Cali Miles is pure cane SUGAR – Ft. B-Boy Bobby Champagne, Jemini and Danny Wells


Cleveland songbird Cali Miles drops us a couple rhymes on her new track Sugar ft. her people B-boy Bobby Champagne, Jemini and Danny Wells. This Ohio crew comes together on catchy, bouncy track produced by Yung Zup that you might catch your girlfriend singin along with.  It’s a twinge poppy, but Zup and the lyricist keep it at a right level of wrongness with some good drums and sex talk, like an icey glass of Kool-Aid with a healthy shot of Grey Goose.  Also did you notice she’s gorgeous?

cali miles 2

Ahem, sorry I got distracted. Back to the platter at hand. Cali rolls with a Cleveland collective dubbed The Bomb Squad. Around 20 members deep, their talents range from music, to promotions, to dance and a hot troop of models that melt the icing right off the cake,  basically they throw the party, then bring the party.  Yo, put me on the list Cali!

Cali has incorporated her vision into a colorful mixture of entertainment services. “One of the huge differences between Cali Miles Inc and other firms is our facility has an in house dance studio, recording studio, a talent agency, marketing dept. and we have promoted our own music and shows in theaters, movies, and arenas worldwide” –

cali bomb squad




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