Woo Child – Don’t I prod. by JBJR (Official Video)


woo dont i

It’s some cold ass Sh*t when rappers can rap, on that note, Saint Louis standout Woo Child just put out the official video for his fast paced single “Don’t I,” from his upcoming EP Heirs.  This video is something I’ve always appreciated, a good “watch me rap cause it’s dope” project.

Orchestrated by tracksmith JBJR, the programming is explosive, gratifyingly typical to his “king me” approach to production. Lyrically, Woo spits Seven hot 16’s like a Uzi, which is awesomely atypical to song structure in general. Seven son.

You can find Woo Child rollin with The Usual Suspects crew and you can find JBJR behind hit lead off singles on every mixtape worth anything comin out of Saint Louis and beyond, putting these two forces together is like putting electricity through water and a lot of fire is the outcome.  The chorus asks “don’t I, don’t I, keep it poppin, playa, pimpin?.. listen” But, it’s a rhetorical question.  Peep game on the new video below. Holla,- Hensley


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