Pennsylvania’s NICK IAMADON Releases his soulful new party jam “Whoa”


Erie, PA’s Nick Iamadon from the Cash On Demand crew has just released his futuristic soul party jam “Whoa” on the world. Produced by Nathan Amidon the track itself is a technical triumph.  Melodic raps by Nick and his partner Lake City Fresh, smooth the whole thing out with a “lollipop”-esque vibe.

If you could upload top shelf alcohol, perfume laced stripper sweat and V.I.P. rapper swag into Pro Tools this track might be the result.  You can catch this one on Nick’s upcoming mixtape “Scgo!” to be released June 30th on GUN PLAY RECORDS.  DJ’s you can download the DJ pack right now from NerveDJ’ to get your set crackin.  I mean, who likes sex and alcohol?  Exactly, errrrbody.

Holla, – Hensley




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