Washington DC’s Main Girl drops a new club banger “Lose It”


Club Banger – noun [klub-bay-grr] – A song purposely selected by a DJ to attract party people to a dance floor.

Diverse Music Group presents the next big R&B/POP female Group “Main Girl” with their blazing new single titled “Lose It” Main Girl introduced their brand of R&B/POP to the masses last year with their well accepted first single “Sucka“, which was a fun and playful record. The Sucka song and video became one of the most talked about records and videos in the D.M.V. (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia) area. Main Girl is back at it again for 2014, ready to welcome us back into their musical space! The new single “Lose It” is sassier, edgier and is guaranteed to surprise a few. Keep your eyes and ears open because Main Girl has returned to show us why they deserve to be crowned the Next Big Female Group!

Our songs are conversations that we have with our female & male friends, a/k/a our fans. It’s like being on the phone or texting all our friends, all at the same time. Since we care about our friends we want to give them something that they can listen to that’s positive, has meaning and will hopefully help them in their own lives. And by doing this we show them what being a “Main Girl” is all about.”  -Main Girl

main girl banner

Formed in 2008 Shabreia, Deja and Jahna collectively make up the D.M.V.’s hottest Teen Female group. With their incredible natural vocal skills and genuinely likable personalities, the young rising group is quickly making a name for themselves in the music industry. Main Girl has opened up for artists such as; Chris Brown, Trey Songz, J. Cole, Miguel, Travis Porter, Jeremiah and many more. With their career on the rapid incline, it’s time to unleash their new single “Lose It” on iTunes and Online Music Stores everywhere.

Main Girl is at the beginning of their career but, without a doubt, is a  true talent that will be around for a while. The group has also showcased their acting skills at Washington D.C.’s Fringe Festival in the musical play “Jilli Manilli.” Keep up with all things Main Girl at www.maingirlworld.com

– Diverse Music Group



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