Kalamazoo’s Fox drops the hammer with their first EP


Fox are a bluesy rock trio who are native to the snowy hills of Kalamazoo Michigan.  West of Detroit, home of the legendary Mo-Town sound, Kalamazoo is known for a solid music scene, craft beer and is the original home of Gibson guitars.  The three members of FoxChris Sinclair, John Lawrence and Carman Goodrich are all music aficionados in their own right but, when they get together the are a symphonic machine oiled by the passion of the blues and the power of Rock-n-Roll.

All of the members write songs and depending on the song you can catch any one of them playing guitar, bass or drums they just switch it up at will, like a game of musical…well, instruments.  I never in my life thought I would compare any band to Primus or The White Stripes but, Fox has parallels to both, even a twinge of Clutch, whhaaaaaaaaa did I just say?  Yes, check The Mourning track 2 on the Fox EP.  The Fox EP is five tracks of gritty Rock-n-Roll goodness twisted with the non-apologetic lightning in a bottle attitude of the Blues, effectively saving your soul and damning you to hell at the same time, it’s quite a ride. Put the kids to bed and check out the first video for the track High Tide Rising. – Hensley


{{{ Foxtheband.net }}}




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