Lukey The Bird drops a soulful debut solo album ‘Mr. Luke, You Corny’ #Philadelphia


Philadelphia’s Lukey The Bird ( HAHA YO, A Cool Stick) has just set free his debut solo album “Mr Luke, You Corny.” Lukey has been part of several bands but seems to have gone through an awakening of sorts and has dubbed his new philosophy “Feather life,” which the new album reflects perfectly. Lukey is definitely a talented emcee/singer but also shows a distinct personality.  I’m not saying that he’s a messiah of anything but, he does stroll through the album with a swagger to the likes of a young J.C., far before he knew the burden of his identity, like in the undocumented years, when he was just a naturally gifted individual with a bright inner light. Although Lukey’s medium isn’t Carpentry its harmony.

Mr. Luke, You Corny” is thirteen tracks woven into twice as many layers.  On the vocals, it’s nearly all Luke, he pours his soul out singing melodic hooks through the whole album, then spins that effortlessly into on point, heartfelt raps that create a musical symmetry of positivity.  The vocal layers are backed by a steady wave of live instrumentation with healthy doses of drum kit magic to keep your head noddin. This album packs a lot of flavor and gives the brain a noticeable buzz, like an organic chocolate shake perfectly blended with three shots of Disaronno. ~ Hensley

“I have put everything I got into this one. It’s been a long process and it wasn’t all easy but in making this project, I found true happiness. Please enjoy the listen and have a wonderful day! ” ~ Lukey The Bird

Mr. Luke You Corny


lukey banner


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