A-Jay – Lorene (Official Video) from”The Blow Up” Mixtape #Virginia

A-jay blow up cover

The mixtape “The Blow Up” has arrived.  Brought to the masses by one of Virginia’s most bankable artist, A-Jay. This East Coast native has a knack for story telling and the know-how to create rich content drawn from real experience. “The Blow Up” is a concept album and is much more profound than the title would suggest at first thought.

“The Blow Up is like the prelude to my story.  A lot of people think The Blow Up means that I wanna blow up off this shit. I mean, of course that’s what I want to happen but, that’s not the theme behind the actual title. It gets a little more deeper than that, a little more complex. You’ve talked, I’ve listened, now it’s my turn” proclaims A-Jay in mixtape’s jazzy intro.

There are several points in this project where A-Jay cuts deep into life’s dramatics and conquests. A couple of times I had the thought of “Damn, why did he bring that up? How’s he know that about me?” Connection moments like that and sordid crime narratives (true, by the way) like “Tales Of The City” and “First Time Felon” keep the listener tuned in like they were turning the pages of a good book.

“I wanted to bring the art of music back to the game.  When ambition mixed with raw talent is combined you get heart-felt music that everybody can relate to and enjoy,” said A-Jay. “I feel like this project is one of my best pieces so far, it only get better from here.”  This album is street as hell, creatively, truly worthy of the term street art.  The kicker to whole thing is he produced most of it himself,which brings a strong cohesion to the overall sound.  Additional production was handled by Don Da Vinci and Mykl Myers which keeps the creative vibe fresh.

The Blow Up” is newly available on Datpiff and you can keep up with A-Jay at www.ajayva.com Check out The first video “Lorena”  a foray into sex, companionship, love jones and lack there of. Holla.  – Hensley



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