Scumbag SaV! and Heavenly Wharf Music drop “Art Monster”


Scumbag SaV! of Heavenly Wharf Music just released his 4th mix tape, “Art Monster”, on Good Friday, April 18th, 2014. After about 3 months since his co-operative release with Mista Melo, “Sleeze Rap”, which has already reached over 40,000 downloads, he has been steadily recording new material for multiple projects he has lined up throughout the Summer & Fall. “Art Monster” brings back that ’90s Hip-Hop feel, while still bringing those sleezy lyrics that have gotten Scumbag SaV! his recognition & steadily building fan base. “Art Monster” has featured production from Animoss, Mista Melo, The Alchemist, Lewis Parker, Nick Wiz, Freeman, Connexion, & more.  Even with the “Sleeze Rap” project still hot SaV! and Mista Melo have almost finished a full album entitled “Golden Harvest”, that they are hoping to release around the Summer / Fall of 2014.  The first leak Soul Jawnhas just hit Soundcloud.

You can get all these projects at  the Scumbag Sav! Bandcamp

heavenly wharf banner



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